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Another Successful Meniscus Repair: Congrats, Jackelin!
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Another Successful Labral Repair: Congrats, John!
View this post on Instagram John was a special patient from the day we met him. He worked relentlessly to rehabilitate his shoulder and often we had to reign him
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Total Knee Replacement Prosthesis
Total Knee Replacement Post Operative Recovery Video Journal
Patients considering a total knee arthroplasty or replacement are naturally nervous and anxious about the recovery process. A total knee replacement is an invasive surgery that involves manipulation of the
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Proceeding with surgery is a complex decision. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, Dr. Dewan understands the importance of getting back on the field or to work as soon as possible. If you have been diagnosed with a surgical problem or just desire a second opinion, contact Dr. Dewan's office now to arrange a consultation. Dr. Dewan will work with your schedule to get you the care you need as efficiently as possible.

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Absolutely the greatest.

C. Weitinger in Houston, TX | Feb 12, 2016

Very helpful and did everything he could to make sure I got back on my feet. Very patient and understanding! Highly recommended

H. Evans in Edna, Tx | Feb 12, 2016

I went to Dr. Dewan in severe pain, due to a fractured humerus. He walked into the room and made me feel comfortable. He explained my x-rays to me and what the next series of events needed to happen. He ordered a CT scan of the shoulder, making sure that surgery was necessary. This is one of the most amazing doctors I have ever seen. He is kind, patient and very informative. He takes his time to explain things you can understand. - AMAZING!!!!!!

M. Rosilez in Houston, TX | Feb. 11, 2016

Well to start off Dr. Dewan was a real professional and so were his assistants. They treated us with respect and they knew us by name that means they knew what my sons problem was and knew what he was going through. And they knew what was the next step. I couldn't have gone to a better place. I would like to say thanks to Dr Dewan, Ms Cam, Melissa, & Debbie for everything y'all have done.

A. Hernandez in Louise, TX | Feb. 5, 2016

Dr. Dewan and his staff were excellent!! I was very pleased with the care my son received throughout the entire process of his knee injury. Dr. Dewan was very thorough when answering our questions and explaining the process and procedures before, during and after my son's surgery. Thank you Dr. Dewan!

-R. Ortiz in Ganado, TX | Dec 16, 2015